Wednesday, May 22, 2002

What a revolting development this is.

The reason I have no microcontroller came to light yesterday. I'd been badgering the lab staff concerned by email, but the emails were going unread. Why? My squeeze's name appeared as the sender instead of mine. Apparently the lab staff don't bother to read anything unless the sender is called something like "Great Big Nigel", "Barry 'Pliers' Jackson," or "Guido Dannigerio's Large Gentlemen With Baseball Bats".

Anyhow, the reason that I have no microcontroller is that the guy in charge of obtaining our componants DIDN'T BLOODY ORDER IT. He was so bloody cheerful about it, too: "Oh hi, Mordant, come in. Yes, I've been completely ignoring your emails because you're not that six-foot-tall nutter who threatens to beat people up. Now, let's see... oh, yeah, I've also failed to order the single most vital componant in your project, despite the fact that you sent me the entire catalogue entry for it back in March. Never mind, I'll order it now and it should reach you about a week after the deadline, thus horribly messing up your grades. That okay?"
And I can't kill him because my uni has this silly thing about homicide, even if the victim is a technician.

I hate him and you.

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