Wednesday, May 08, 2002

We're under attack from little invisible spies the size of ants!

From this site:

The tiny invisible personnel (codename Bee) of surveillance station/system unlawfully control everyone's lives with illness/death inducing techniques (see details on Part IV-A1):
According to inside information frrom Taiwan former President Chiang Kai-Shek,, the United States had successfully developed invisibility technology (first tested in the Philadelphia Experiment) for use on human after WWII. After using invisibility technology, the personnel & equipment become tiny (as small ant), invisible and can levitate. Thus , by wearing a propulsion on back, every tiny invisible personnel can move as small flying ant. So, the tiny invisible personnel can gently fly onto a target's head to control his mind and bodily functions, or fly near a target's organ to induce illness/death .without most victims' knowledge (see details on Part II-A of my website).

Holy cow! And all this time I've been blaming the rising pollen count for my hayfever, when really it's evil miniaturized government agents flying up my nose!

Ahhh! Now they're forcing me to go to the fridge and get a beer! Oh, my God! I don't want a beer- I should be working- No! No, don't make me load up Sim City 3000 again! No, pleeease.....! Nooooooo.........

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