Monday, May 06, 2002

"Vote for the crook, not the Nazi...."

My sympathies to the French, who've just had to vote in an evil little criminal for prez.

Oh, you don't get it? Let me explain, in little words that have a chance of penetrating the superdense substance that occupies your skulls.

Imagine that you were standing in a polling-station, right? With a pencil in your hand, right? And there were basically two names you could stick your cross next to, right? Imagine that your choice was between President Margaret Thatcher or President Nick Griffin. I'm surprised the entire voting population of France didn't stick the pencils up their noses and commit urban-myth-style seppuku.

Oh, and before you start making clever remarks, remember who just took Burnley. Hint: Not the Lib-Dems.

My feelings towards you lot are a matter of public record.

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