Friday, May 10, 2002


Hokay. Any poor bastard unfortunate enuff to screw up their HTML on one of the message-boards where I have my grubby mits is getting this in their inbox:-


I noticed you were having some probs with your HTML code, and I thought this might help.

<b>Whatever you want in bold type</b>
Creates bold text
<i>Whatever you want in italics</i>
Creates italic text

<a href="http://www.whatever the URL of the website is">Whatever you're calling the link</a>
Makes a link

<img src="http://www.Whatever the URL of the image is">
Inserts an image in your post

NB: Some sites, especially free websites such as Geocities, don't allow you to do this. You may have to buy web space or use a free image hosting service.

If your image is large, then you can make it fit on the page by inserting width=500 into the code, like this:-

<img src="http://www.Whatever the URL of the image is" width=500>

Webmonkey is a useful resource. It has a searchable database and a cheat-sheet detailing commonly used HTML tags.

I am so revolting when I'm being all nicey-nicey. I should do it more often.

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