Monday, May 20, 2002

"If I only had a brain..."

Okay. My putative light-harp has hit a snag. I have my lasers and all the other bits, but I have no microcontroller. Without my microcontroller I cannot convert the beam data into MIDI data, and am reduced to using strightforward tone generators to demonstrate my work. Rabbits.

Rather than go to Maplin's and shell out a small fortune on sound generators from them, I'm cannibalising some cheap and noisy kids' toys from the 99p shop down the road. The effect will be somwhat less impressive than I had planned, but there's a certain keen satisfcation in gutting a squeezable key-ring-Pikachu. Now, if I'd thought of calling my project "The Laser-Driven Pokemon Autopsy Harp" in the first place, I'd probably have my own telly programme by now.

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