Saturday, September 28, 2002

Heads up.

One from the inbox:

Dear supporter of's 9-11Peace campaign,

An American war against Iraq grows more likely with each passing day. But there is still something important you can do to help stop it.

President Bush needs the United Kingdom's support for a war, because your country is a member of the United Nations Security Council.

John Hodgson, a British citizen, recently proposed taking the message below to your national leaders. Please contact them at:

Prime Minister Tony Blair
020 7219 5676
or 01429 882202

Foreign Secretary Jack Straw
020 7219 5070
or 01254 52317

M.P. Tam Dalyell
020 7219 3427
or 01506 834255

M.P. Chris Smith
020 7219 5119
or 020 7607 8373

Or try the main number for Parliament: 020 7219 3000

Make sure their offices know you're calling regarding the possible war on Iraq, and urge them to ensure that the U.K. opposes any U.N. Security Council resolution authorizing an attack on Iraq.

Your own words are always best, but you may find it helpful to use some of the arguments made below by John Hodgson.


No justification

Mr Blair:

You constantly speak of building a better Britain and a better world. But we cannot do that by illegal attacks on a sovereign state that has not attacked us and shows no plausible intention of doing so. It is clear that the US feels itself justified to engage in global bullying for economic interest, but our role is to show that there is a better
way to world peace. That way is by respecting the rule of law, the autonomy of other states, and the importance of the United Nations.

- John Hodgson, Higher Education (September 20, 2002; Bristol, United


Your voice really counts here. Please make these important calls today.

Also, please let us know you've called, by clicking here:
Keeping a count helps make this work more effective.

Thank you.

- Eli Pariser
International Campaigns Director,
Founder, 9-11Peace Campaign
September 26, 2002

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