Saturday, September 07, 2002

Hello again, you pack of charmless imbeciles. God, I hate you. Why don't you all sod off? Go on, go and get lives.

I found a snail in the bathroom. I find them fairly often, as it goes. I don't know if it came up through the drains or through a crack in the wall, or what. My flat is just shot, man. Rotting ceilings, wierd little brown beetles in the carpet, silverfish, clothes moths nibbling holes in the t-shirts... the place is alive.

At least we got rid of the rats.

I still 0wn the search gizmo at work, BTW. I'm getting a bit tired of playing with it now, though, and I'm ready to move onto something a bit meatier. Since I have very little reliable data on psionics I don't really know what can and can't be achieved by your average Joe. I realized today that I've fought shy of trying anything I wasn't reasonably sure would work, in case my fwagile confidence got a nasty boo-boo.

This is, of course, codswallop. You have to keep pushing those limits, man, in this as in everything. Screw all this faffing around-- I'm never going to get anywhere if I let fear-of-faliure do the driving. I am tuff and mean. Yer.

Anyhow, I'm now casting around for a suitable project. I'm thinking of something involving Brownian motion.

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