Monday, September 09, 2002


"0wnz0red" R0x0rz!
Got this deadly little yarn from Sashinka. Without giving too much of the story away, it's about hacking your body at a cellular level. Put all manner of ideas in my bad bald bonce. Werl, I say put; they were sort of already there, just needing a bit of a nudge. Anyway, I strongly recommend "0wnz0red" to my chaotic readers.

See, I'm a still a hopeless dunce when it comes to the 'puter. But magick, that's different; when it comes to magick I am fast becoming d4 l337 h4x0r. I can use magick now like I would use my arm, or my language. Or a possibly a spoon. It's all a matter of knowing just how to express things so that your [higher self/temporal lobe/guardian angel/insert pet theory here] can understand it and get working on the problem. (Oh, and kicking my obsessiveness in the nuts, which is where it all falls down, of course.)

For my next trick, laydeez'n'jentz, I plan to reprogram my immune system, inna CM stylee-ah. I have hayfever and allergies, yet I still get colds. I need to convince my immune system to stop chasing after feathers and pollen and dust-mite crap, and start taking out germs instead. It's like having a supermean guard dog that eats postmen but leg-humps burglars. I'm going to go in and Have Words. If it works it'll be really great 'coz then I could fix it so I never get cancer.

Also I want a left-handed can-opener. I've just gone three falls and a submission with a catering-size tin of ratatouille, and it's really buggered up my mood.

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