Sunday, May 30, 2004

Donde es la pasta?

I still don't have a job.

This irks me.

I've really ramped up my efforts, too: cold-calling bars, shops and caffs, punting out CVs to hostels and factories, signing up with agencies, leaning on said agencies, checking job boards and newspapers obsessively, putting up ads... nothing.

This is weird. I'm inclined to put it down to some sort of magickal interference from forces. I just wish I knew what I was supposed to be doing instead. I tried alternatives to conventional employment. I tried all sorts of stuff all last year. I'm still trying.

It isn't working. I can't sell stuff I make because I have no (legal) outlet. I can't set up a reiki practice because I have nowhere to work from, no money to rent a venue or buy the equipment I need (like a massage table and stuff). I'm submitting enough short stories to sink a battleship, but I'm just not getting any sales (at least, not at pro rates). It isn't working, and neither am I.

Help me out here, spooky perverts. Throw me a bone, eh? A person can't keep on just floundering around in the fog like this. You're supposed to be all guideful and arcane-knowledge-having; how about chucking a clue my way?

Bloody disembodied weirdos. No commonsense, that's your problem.

On the selling stuff topic: I've decided to have a serious stab at making stuff to sell on eBay. Talismanic bits and bobs, spooky pictures, that sort of thing. I need to look into shipping and stuff, see how expensive it'll be, whether to sell overseas or stick to Spain. The practicalites. You know.

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