Sunday, May 16, 2004


The 15th has came and went without incident. Random paranoia, I spose.

Talking of random paranoia: Oh look. An unusual number of proxy browser hits in my referral log. %Oooo, I wonder why? Let me think about why this might be...%

God, you people are sad. What are you looking for? A post where I accidently let slip that I'm in the pay of the Elders of Z.? Jeeze, if you can't get a clue, will you bigots please get lives?

You know what bugs me? The fact that I let certain events and people Over There affect me so much. The fact that I let myself get so cowed that I wouldn't even stand up and say what needed to be said, in case the heroic guardians of Frea Speach decided to whack me with a sock (puppet) full of sand. Well, I've no responsibilililities over here, except to myself. So...

FUCK YOU, YOU PATHETIC BIGOTS! I SPIT DOWN YOUR THROATS! I wouldn't widdle on you if you were on fire. And no, this isn't passive aggression. This is good old fashioned aggressive aggression.

Does it ever occur to you wankers that the reason you can't find any smart people to have a nice, quiet, dispassionate discussion of fucking Holocaust denial and the International Jewish Conspiracy is because the most cursory glance over the evidence should lay any doubt to rest, unless, that is, you happen be a right-wing nutbar. Does it ever occur to you that people may have come across these ideas, looked into them, and decided they were bullshit?

Give me strength.

No, the PofZ is NOT a fucking historical document! HOW STUPID ARE YOU? What, there's this ultra-powerful bunch of people who've been running the world since the year dot, and for some reason they find it necesary to write a 101 explanation of how well it's all going, and THEN accidently leave a copy lying around for a passing Czarist police officer to pick up? With a Post-It note on the front, no doubt: "Note to self--ultrasecret plans for total world domination--do not accidently leave lying around!"

For the love of Mike, why--why can't you read a damn book? Check facts? You're online, a click or two away from any information source your little hearts desire! How about, instead of sitting back and demanding that the rest of the world run around trying to find the material that might let them SQUEEZE SOME SENSE INTO YOUR HEADS, you do a bit of reading for yourselves? I mean, would that kill you? Are your critical faculties so atrophied through disuse that attempting to engage them would cause organ faliure? No, it's more fun to sit around fiddling with your pocket calculator, "proving" all sorts of shite with arithmetic. Because of course, secret conspiritors like to leave neat little numerological clues as to what they're up to for people like you to read. Because they're so secret, you see.

And then you have the nerve--the brass neck--the immortal crust--to invoke free speech when you aren't allowed to spout your filthy lies whenever and wherever you want. Newsflash, fuckoids. Some people aren't going to sit by and passively suck up your toxic waste. Boo fucking hoo. Look, this is teh intarnet. It's full of morons who'll entertain any damn fool theory if it makes them feel better about their tiny fetid lives.

These are REAL PEOPLE you are attacking. Not some amorphous many-headed hydra--real living people. Does that even occur to you?

Oh, and the phrase "anti-semite" distresses you? Good! Anti-semite! Anti-semite! Anti-semite! ANTI-SEMMMIIIITTTEEE! Look for it next to the image of your DROOLING FACE in your large print picture dictionary, you mephitic SKIDMARK.

Bugger off and, preferably, die.

Ahhh, I'm going to regret posting this. But that's what drunk is for.

(Note to readers who have no earthly clue what this is about: Barbelith. Morons. Bigots. Vent or asplode.)

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I still hate you.