Thursday, May 20, 2004

Random brainstorm.

My next few big magickal projects are, in not particular order:

a) A spell to increase my writing output. Requirements: Paper, home-made ink and stylus, some sort of "Ocean" or "Marine" scented candle or incense, a blue rock.

b) A spell to increase my linguistic ability. Requirements: Red flat liquorice or similar, non-toxic ink, incense.

c) Speaking in Tongues. Requirements: A robe of white fabric, cassette recorder, extra tapes.

d) Renwewal/glamour spell. Requirements: Rose candles, matching notebook and pen.

e) The crimson book. Requirements: Notebook, red ink, black pen, ash, blood, something to wrap the sucker in cuz I don NOT want anything icky getting on my stuff, Nerves of Steel.

There's other stuff but I'm not telling you.

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