Tuesday, May 04, 2004


Okay, so today I got my certificate--finally. I was elated for a couple of hours; kept on taking it out of the envelope and admiring it in all its naff yellowish glory. Then reality started to set in and I realised that the thin sliver of dead tree I had clutched in my hand was pretty much the only concrete thing I have to show for four years of my life.

Ah, the great taste of self-loathing.

Anyway, I shall doubtless reach some form of equilibrium eventually. I've already updated my CVs to include the information that I am the proud posessor of a Certificate of Higher Education.

Just one question: What the hell is a Certificate of Higher Education? Is it good? Does it actually mean anything? Can I have a job now?

In other news: Wouldn't you just love to send someone an "EVOLVE or DIE" greetings card?

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