Tuesday, May 11, 2004

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Writing's been going a bit better lately, but I haven't had anything accepted for a while. Leafing through the stuff on my hard-drive, I see that I've accumulated quite a chunk of Ericverse stuff. Much of what I've produced is sketchy, flaky, but could with an effort be pressed into service as part of a narrative; spoof ad copy, Ericverse news items, ect.

Trouble is, Ericverse-type stuff seems to leave editors cold (which is why I tend to post it straight to my Lj). So I've been thinking--how hard is it to make an e-book? Something people could download for a small fee (say about a pound a throw, with an option for the more generous to chip in extra). I was thinking of maybe creating some illustrations with GIMP and knocking the whole thing up as a PDF. The stuff on my Lj would stay where it was, but paying punters would get piccys, spellchecking, etc. Don't know anything about putting stuff on the web so people have to pay to look at it. Can't be too hard, though.

This is all just pie in the sky at the moment, but it couldn't hurt to find out more.

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