Friday, July 09, 2004


The heck with today. Screw today right in the spleen. Dunno if I caught too much sun yesterday or what, but I could hardly get out of bed today. Felt slightly better after a nap and half a mug of espresso, but got nothing much done except a little writing and a tarot spread. I'd better be okay by tomorrow. I want to go to the Al Campo for ant traps and red ginseng absinthe.

One of the cool things about being Of Magicks is that when your body decides to go on the blink, it's easier for you to go somewhere else than it is for you poor pitiful Mundanes. I spent some of the time in a light trance, jogging through pleasant scenery or mayhap practicing my front crawl. It's important to at least do pretend imaginary excercise when you're out of action--keeps your muscles in the mood for the real thing. I'm going to go and lift some pretend weights for a bit.

Anyhow. I have a question: I found this fake food. What is it for? Why would one want to spend fifty-five bucks on a pretend vodka tonic? Please explain.

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