Thursday, July 29, 2004

Reeling, writhing and fainting in coils.

Today I bit the bullet and bought my first textbook for my course.  Woo.  The full reading list would set me back about €200, so I'm having to be a bit selective.  They don't tell you that you have to buy all, or indeed any, of the books, just that you'll get more out of the course if you buy some of them.

This has been good for my head.  Ever since I signed up I've had way more oomph than recently.  I'm the sort of person that deals pretty well with unemployment, but after more than a year of it I think anyone would flag a little.  This was just what I needed.  Now I have some hope that I might one day get out of the kind of shitty employment I've been stuck in (or no employment, ha ha.)

On the theremin front:  The ultra-simple kiddie science fair circuit is sort of working (most of the time) so I guess I'll start refining it soon.  Still looking for cheap kits.

On the doll front:  Dug out the Beauty Queen and did some more work on her.  Repainted her eyes, which previously I'd just scraped off and filled in with red paint.  Now I've given her a squint and a sneer.  Got round the severed arm falling out of the handbag problem by making some dolly-size barbed wire out of bell-wire and wrapping it round the bag over the invisible string that ties it shut.  She looks a bit better now.  If I made her a case or something to sit in I think she might fetch more.

I'm also working on another fake Barbie doll, nothing special, just replaced its head with an epoxy model.  Sort of horse/lizard face thing.  Mixed up too much Milliput like always, so I made her a sort of grub critter to live in her handbag.  Infant or pet?  Whatever. 
The art shop had a special on papier-mache puppet-heads so I got a couple to paint.  Finished one, a sort of horrible deformed dog who I put in Goth makeup.  Now I'm looking for a suitable body.  Ideally this would be from an existing toy, something some kid has chewed up and chucked out.

Pix as I get to 'em.

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