Friday, July 23, 2004

Ice Cream.

Last night I went to Gracia with Lurid and our friend A., who is visiting. Ate far too much Lebanese food, then had ice-cream from this little place on the Placa Sol. They do the very best ice-cream ever, especially the dark chocolate. I usually have that and one other flavour, like mint or tiramisu. It's wicked stuff.

After that, we all piled into the Verdi and watched the new David Mamet film, Spartan. Very good but sad. Then brewskis, then nightbus. Got home around 3.

Couple of things to do today. I've got to pick up supplies for my course, lined pads and white-board markers and so on, but I also want to get doll-vandalising supplies. Last night I dreamed I was in this fantastic art shop with loads of amazing stuff, really cheap. I was super-pissed when I woke up. Man, I hate dreams like that. I get them all the time these days.

I've updated my other blogs, including an entry in my fiction Lj. Now stop nagging me.

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