Wednesday, July 07, 2004


Well, today was sort of crap. I mean, not completely, because in the morning I went and picked up our Amazon delivery from the post office, Thomas Covenant (Lurid's) and the first of David Gemmell's John Shannow books. But after that it was all downhill. My euphemism was giving me cramps, and nothing I took seemed to do more than take the edge off. This new herb tea I got the other day is supposed to have cohosh in it, but I dunno. Anyhow, I was pretty much immobilised for most of the afternoon. At least I had something to read.

I still don't have all my theremin parts. Started building the bits of the circuit that I do have the parts for, but rapidly got pissed off with old and knackered breadboards. I really ought to get a new one but I'm far too tight. I'm going into town tomorrow for my interview to get on a TEFL course, so I can buy the parts then.

I probably won't be able to take up the place on the course even if I get through the interview without calling the interviewer Belinda. Things are looking a bit shaky at the moment; not mega-shaky, but this isn't a good time to be spending a lot of money. No biggie. I'll still do the course eventually, I just don't know when.

On the plus side, it was very nice out and the hibiscuses are looking particularly smashing. I like hibiscuses.

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