Monday, July 19, 2004


So I'm still--still!--not sure if I'm going to be doing my course next month. Lurid is getting an extra 6 months from his boss here so that's all sorted, but there's still the money. We need a bank loan, and there's no guarantee that it will go through before my place is given to someone else. Meh. It's cool, really, because I know this is just a postponement, but I can't say I'm huuuugely thrilled at the thought of another couple of months' fruitless jobhunting.

The Kelly in town is doing free telemarketing courses. I'm going for it. Fucking hate telemarketing but I haven't worked in a year and a half, and am beginning to fear I may never work again. "Stressful" doesn't cover it. "Adrenal glands being squeezed like the udders of a small and highly strung cow and their contents left to sour in my viens until I sweat anxiety" might be nearer the mark.

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