Thursday, July 08, 2004

Late again.

Had the interview. Did my usual thing of leaving the house just a shade too late and missing the train, but I managed to make it a whisker ahead of my appointed time. (Note to self: STOP DOING THAT! No, another cup of tea is not of such paramount importance that time stands still. No, the train is not going to magically get in 15 minutes ahead of schedual. If you leave late you will be late. Foolish human female.)

Interview went well. Did not drool, mumble, or scream "STOP TOUCHING MEEE!" when required to shake hands. Maintained Normal Person facade for full 15 mins, a personal best. Of course this is all irrelevent because I can't take up the place. Bah, sulkies. Still, at least I know I could get on a CELTA if I wanted to, which is a boost.

Also in the Land of w00t!, I find there is a theremin dealer right here in Barcelona. Will swing by and see if they have any books or anything. Maybe they will even have kits! Am a happy Mordant.

Edit: No, they didn't have kits or how-to books or anything. However, the guy I spoke to was really cool and gave me his card, told me he knows this other guy who's a top theremin player ect. And I might still be on for the TEFL but I have to wait till next week, when I may know more about the future. So my net amount of happiness remains unchanged.

The electronics shop was shut, so I didn't get my breadboard or my inductors. Meh.

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