Wednesday, August 04, 2004


You all have to give me apples, and also polish the apples so they're shiny.

Yeah, so the course is okay. They're really nice there, I like the other trainees, and my victims students are super-nice cosmopolitan Barcelona types who have cool interests and have been to loads of different places. Just been doing my homework: I'm doing teaching practice tomorrow, so I've drawn a bunch of violent stick figure cartoons on post-cards to demonstrate the past simple versus the past continuous. "Fred was ice-skating when he broke his leg," stuff like that.

The first day was the scariest. They threw me right in the deep end, turning round and telling me to get up and teach for 20 mins. ( ARRRGH.) But it turns out I'm actually pretty good at this. Looking forward to a longer sesh tomorrow afternoon. Hope they like my sticklymen.

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