Sunday, August 15, 2004

TEFL crush puny human.

Finally got that blessed assignment out of the way. Ended up writing six times what I needed and having to do a total hatchet job. ARRRGH. I've been working on that sucker since half-past eight and its twenty-five to four now. My world has shrunk to the size of a VDU and I can't feel my back.

Anyway, the sucker is put to bed. I have some other stuff but hopefully it'll only take another 5 hours or so.

Then I'm going down the pub.

Edit: No, I'm not. Apparently it's St. Allthebloodyshopsareshut's Day. No beer. No... Beer! ARRRRRRRGHHHHH!

Maybe the hotel bar is open.

Edit edit: Hotel bar open, but naff and depressing. Even more depressing than No Beer. So I came home.

I'm bored now.

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