Wednesday, August 11, 2004

+ve terminal

'Sfunny: My personal life is in a state of extreme flux right now, but it's also more hopeful and promising than it has been for years. Unburying a skill I had vaguely suspected I might posess is good, of course, but mostly I just have this overall feeling of hopefulness and high-on-the-hogness. I feel... good. Like everything's going to be okay.

That's awake. Asleep I am at the mercy of my paranoia. I keep having these anxiety dreams, which always seem to follow the same pattern: Me and Lurid move to [insert Foriegn Abroad place here] and I end up working as a [insert unlikely job here] on/in a [insert even less likely location/organisation here].

Like as a for example, I drempt a few weeks back that Lurid got a job at an Indian university and the only job I could get was a gopher on a Bollywood film set. Then I drempt that L. got a job at a Chinese university, and I had to get a job as a data entry clerk only all the keyboards had Chinese characters on them so I couldn't use them* and my boss got angry. Then last night's dream put us in Finland (I mean to say, Finland?) and my job was looking after talking cats, and there was a guy who kept trying to chuck the cats off the landing of the block of flats where we were staying.**

Why can't I go back to dreaming about being shot at? It wasn't pleasant, but at least it was simple.

*Except for this one key that had a picture of some cherries on it, and when you hit it there was a sound effect and a big random cartoon picture came up on the screen.

** Don't worry. Turns out that talking cats can also fly, or at least glide gracefully across to the next landing, so I didn't get fired from my completely imaginary job.

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