Saturday, August 21, 2004

You know, for a moment there I was almost feeling sympathetic.

Louis de Bernières, the bloke who wrote Captain Corelli's Mandolin, has had his laptop nicked. Bit of a pisser, especially since he had about 50 pages of his next book on it.

I mention this not because it's particularly interesting, but because of the author's response when asked if he had it backed up:

"I never make disk copies of my work because I am not a computer boffin. I prefer just to do print-outs on paper after I have finished each chapter . But I had not been doing that because I had been writing in the summerhouse and the printer was indoors. "

That's right, everyone, you need to be a "computer boffin" to back up to disc. Well, the police shouldn't have any trouble finding the laptop, it'll be the one with
fucking Tip-Ex on the screen. Wanker.

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