Saturday, August 28, 2004

Well, it's over.

I didn't get the certificate. My work just wasn't quite up to scratch.

I don't feel too bad tho'. I worked bloody hard the whole time; there was no getting pissed and playing Heroes Of Might And Magic until three in the morning involved. I just had to cover too much ground in too short a time: nothing, nothing whatsoever, in my background prepared me for the kind of work I'd be doing.

I got a lot out of the course, and I feel confident enough in my actual teaching abilities to look for some private tutoring round the uni (something I'd have been completely unable to do befre the course started.)

No reputable school will hire you here if you are short on quals, but rumors persist of certain disreputable schools that will. We'll see.

Meanwhile, I'm going to take it out on Inlightenedment and make her flunk her GNVQ in IT.

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