Sunday, August 22, 2004

One small but vital question...

Why the fuck can't that gibbering wanker, Annie Jacobsen, just admit that she's a stupid hysterical idiotic plane-endangering flight-mashal-pissing-off racist shower of dysentry and that her whiny little article was not a blast of the trumpet against the monstrous regiment of PC arab-lovers who want planes to get blown up, but rather the histrionic blithering of a self-obsessed and deluded fuckbubble? And that furthermore, the only people who are still impressed by said article are other self-obsessed and deluded fuckbubbles?

Anyone up for a wee Googlebomb? Let's make Crazy Annie's article number one for Hysterical Bigot.

Edit: I've just checked and the first 6 results for Hysterical Bigot all point to Dan's treatment of the article. Which is pretty hilarious, but not as much as if the actual article was Number One.

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