Monday, July 21, 2003

Another open letter to the Entities.

Okay, guys. I think I've finally got myself pointed in the direction that you want me to be pointed in. Doing the jewellery, check. Making the ickle pritty wire trees, check. Keeping my eyes open for cool stuff to nick from skips, check. You have my gratitude for helping me sell that necklace on Sunday.

No, I'm not being sarky. I didn't really expect to sell anything, so the necklace was a plus. Thanks. You guys have been great, and I'm sorry that I needed so much poking to get me on the path. What can I say? You knew what I was like when you took the gig.

Now then. In order for me to keep to the mission, I need a little more help. Obviously I need to sell more stuff than that, but what I need right now-- like, tomorrow-- is a hint as to what I can be doing money-wise for the rest of the week. Can't just sit around from Monday to Saturday, hoping that this Sunday will be the charm.

So I'm asking you ethereal types once again: Help me out. Introduce me to someone who can point me in the right direction, show me where I can set up shop. See if you can't find me a job that works for you. Above all: give me the gumption I'll need to make the most of the chances I get.

Throw me a bone, eh? I can't go on like this, no money coming in and all that. It makes my stomach hurt.

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