Saturday, July 19, 2003

...mark out the losers in your office so you know whose opinions you can safely ignore.

fridgemagnet puts his finger on one of the main reasons why I really hate working with other people: you're all a bunch of know-nothing, style-over-content bozos. I hate working with other people because work, like justice, must be seen to be done. So what if you've been slaving in the file room since 7:30am? Your upline manager doesn't get in till nine-thirty, and she won't see you. Worse, if you're so busy trying to put some order to the chaos that her lousy management has created that you don't come up for air till 10:30, you'll have to put up with the smarmy bint asking you if your alarm clock's broken. Attempting to reason with her is a waste of time. She'll just nod and smirk. Most people grasp the concept of object permenance in infancy but not your upline manager, oh no. You don't exist if she can't see you. Someone who does no work but makes a lot of work-flavoured noise, on the other hand, will be showered with praise and get promoted over your head and then get the perm posting they've been fucking promising you for the last three months which is the only reason you've been coming in at 7:30am and RGHGGHGHGGGGGFUCKINGBASTARDS!

I really hope this fly-pitching thing takes off. Much as I want a job, the thought of working with you losers again fills me with nausea.

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