Saturday, July 12, 2003

More lousy parents.

Hey, mums! Is your offspring insufficiently adorned for your taste? Is slathering your kid with designer lables no longer doing it for you? Don't feel that Junior expresses your personality adequately? Never fear, Baby Ink is here! Real permanent tattoos for infants as young as 6 months!

(link via kookymojo.)

Come close, people, while I explain something to you know-nothing, more-money-that-sense-having, baby-torturing bloody morons: A CHILD IS AN AUTONOMOUS ENTITY! A person. A small, smelly, annoying, mewling, puking, noisy person, true, but a person nonetheless. Not a billboard, not a prizewinning extension of yourself, not a punchbag, not a bargaining chip in your mindless, pointless battles with your mindless, pointless ex. Get that concept into your self-absorbed brains before I have to come down there and SMACK it in.

God, I hate Homo Sapiens. Pollution, Boot camps, Guantanamo Bay, more pollution, nukes... you're a bunch of shaved apes who haven't leared not to shit where they eat and devour their young. No wonder I'm going bonkers-- I've had to share a planet with you freaks for nearly three decades. I wish you'd hurry up and kill yourselves.

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