Monday, July 21, 2003

Sold out.

Got to the park about 5pm, stayed till 9. Sold one (1) necklace. Ho, hum.

It was nice in the park tho'. Sort of like a mini-festival. There were jugglers, loads of really good jugglers, people playing guitars, a human pyramid, stands selling burritos, lukewarm sangria, herbalized tortilla and suspicious chocolate cake, people walking round with cool boxes ("AguacocacolacervecaAAAAA!") , cyclists, unicyclists, bemused tourists who'd come for the geological museum, and drums drums DRUMS. The drums were awesome beyond words. There were little knots of drummers all over the place, creating this thick sonic tapestry. It drew you in, made you part of it. After a while I found I was humming happy little made-up tunes to the rhythm of the drums.

I really want a drum now. And a sword.

Anyhow. I'm not totally gutted about the whole "one necklace in 4 hours" thing. It was my first time out and I reckon that with better presentation and a wider variety of stock I could do loads better. Hey, if I can sell one necklace when all I've got's an old pillowcase with my stock Sellotaped to it, what couldn't I do with a proper display?

Been thinking about how I might vary my stuff a little. I reckon that I should try and go for the wannabe mage market; pentegrams, chaostars, planetary symbols, etc etc. Also, I'm really good at making those kitschy little wire "bonsai" trees, so I might do two or three of those. Then there's "found object" sculpture; I used to really enjoy making semi-arty stuff out of crap that other people had chucked out. Not saying it'd sell, but it might get people interested.

But this is only a Sunday thing. What about the rest of the week? Well, getting a licence to sell stuff here is pretty much a nonstarter, but there's still the street-theatre option. Admittedly I'm no good at juggling, unicycling, dancing, or playing music, but I'm really really got at staying dead still. No, really. I used to be a life-model for a beginner's art class. I can hold a pose for forty minutes straight. So I'm thinking, human statue. Hmmm. Of course one would need a suitable costume, but I'm pretty inventive in that regard.

I would like a costume with a sword. A big shiny pointy sword. Then all you sword-having people would have to stop laughing at me.

If I had a drum and a sword I would be invincible, and nobody would ever tell me to file anything again.

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