Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Okay, you ethereal types...

Heads up.

I'm off to my first ever language exchange night at a certain bar in about half an hour, and I'd like to make a couple of requests puhleeeees.

1) Give me my GUMPTION. I must and shall have GUMPTION.

2) I do not wish to get chatted up. This happens less frequently than it used to for I am an old boiler and I have divested myself of my crowning glory. And I dress funny. However, there are still some who won't take the hint.

3) I would like to meet some fun people, with whom I have stuff in common. Preferably these would be vaguely arty folk who could help me with path-y stuff.

4) I flat out DEMAND... that you accept my gratitude for your help today, including those nice bits of cheap fabric remnant you helped me find, and for pointing out that want-ad in the sushi bar. Thanks, guys. Or girls. Whatever.

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