Thursday, July 17, 2003

I still don't have a job. Why don't I have a job? This is beyond merely depressing or annoying. This is Kafkaesque, is what it is! Give me a sodding job! I've lost count of the number of CVs I've handed out, calls I've made, streets I've walked down, temp agencies I've signed up with, and nothing. I don't even get a rejection letter or anything. Just... dead silence. It's not even as if I'm setting my standards too high. All I want is some crappy little minimum-wage thing, mopping floors or waitressing or machine-minding. This sucks. I go into town every day, I check the noticeboards, I check in with the managers of the bars that have my CV, I do everything I can think of to find work. And still nothing. Nothing. What the hell is wrong?

Having been denied legal employment, I've decided to try fly-pitching. No joy there, either. Went to the Parc but everyone there was asleep. Put my stuff out but nobody bought anything. Then there was this big police lorry driving around, and the park keeper kept wandering past, and I had to keep stuffing everything back in my bag. (If they catch you fly-pitching here they take your stuff off you and you have to pay €100 to get it back.) In the end my paranoia got the better of me and I went home. I'm going back on Sunday, because I've heard that everyone fly-pitches there on a Sunday. Nobody gets busted because there's just too many people: buskers, jugglers, traders, dope-dealers, all sorts. Sounds like fun.

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