Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Making stuff.

My consecrated hematite Wealth bracelet broke the other week. It was just hematite chips on elastic and the elastic snapped when I was having a beer in the Placa George Orwell. (Remind me to stop consecrating cheap jewellery in future.)

I saved all the bits, but I'm not sure what to do with it next. I was just going to restring and reconsecrate it, but something stopped me. I suspect that it wanted to be free. Bloody iron ore-- these metallic doobries are a bugger for getting ideas.

So I plan to redesign the bracelet. I'm going to use most of the hematite chips and some other suitable materials and remake it from scratch. A few of the hematite chips will of course be incorporated into my next batch of beadwork, to be offered for sale on Sunday. So that's another chore to look forward to this week.

Stupid magick.

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