Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Stop shoving.

Further to my continual and ongoing rant about no job and crap job and why don't the Powers fix my life and whine and sulk et hoc genus omnes...

In a recent comment, angel said: "Have you thought of making creative/interesting stuff to sell at markets?"

And I said: "I've been thinking of making beadwork jewellery to sell. My freind is in town and she says there's an art/craft collective here-- could be just the break I need."

Her contact with said collective arrives in town in about a week. I shall be pushing actively for involvement in said collective. Unfortunately most of my art/craft stuff is in storage back in London, so I have a week to throw some bits together. Should be time enough-- my language course finishes today so I'll have rather less on my plate. I reckon I'll make a few pieces of bead jewllery, just simple stuff. If I have time I may whip up some small paintings, but that's less important.

I am starting to think this was the direction that I've been pushed in for the last few months, if not longer. Synchronicities abound. I've frequently considered doing something like this but didn't know how to go about it and lacked the confidence to really try. Also I generally don't meet that many arty-crafty people-- it's hard to do things in a vacuum, without input from others.

And yes, the writing is still my number one priority. But I need to find a way of earning some money, like, yesterday, and I'd prefer it if I could earn said money in a way that doesn't make me go totally mental please.

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