Sunday, June 29, 2003

Bog off.

I'm getting rid of that stupid site tracker. There's never any good news there. Most of the people who come here are sad sacks looking for "some pix of a dog and a rilly rilly FAT CHICK like going for it", or "some pix of a CAR CRASH all with blood and dead guys and stuff". I mean, you want to look at that stuff, that's your wossname, fine, have fun, but learn to use a bloody search engine. You see, a search engine is not a person. It does not understand hilarious colloquial names for parts of the human body. Furthermore it does not respond to threats, or to repetition; typing the same query again but with capitals, exclamation marks, added profanity and/or extra instances of the word "beaver" will avail you naught.

And that's not the worst of it. Having polluted my referral logs with your fetid imaginings, you keep coming back. You run exactly the same foul and moronic search again and again, and you keep coming back to my blog from said foul and moronic search. What is going through your minds-- do you think a weblog will suddenly metamorphose into a bestaility and car wreck site if you look at it often enough? Are you doing this just to bother me? I hate, loathe, despise and pity you.

Except for the pity part. I lied about the pity.

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