Sunday, June 22, 2003

Sidebar issues and a terrible confession.

What with the move and various hard-drive crashes and the fact that it's cheaper to surf from Bagsnatcher Central than to use the dialup, my access to my bookmarks is somewhat limited these days. I find I actually need to keep my sidebar something like up-to-date if I don't want to spend half my time Googling stuff. Yeah, I know some of the links are dead. Sometimes it's just because I know that X has a link to Y's new place and I can just go via their blog instead; sometimes it's because I still feel sad and angry that Y got harrassed out of blogdom by some shithead stalker and can't quite bring myself to remove the link. Sometimes it's because I knackered my sidebar and had to go back to an old copy which had the dead link in it. And sometimes it's because the deadlinkee was a boring little erk whose site I never visited much anyway, so I haven't noticed the deadness.

The lack of reliable bookmarks also means that I now have to own up and link to Neil Gaiman's pointy pointy blog. You can all stop laughing now.

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