Tuesday, June 03, 2003


Began my new Spanish course yesterday (Monday). They're starting from a very basic level, which means it's a bit boring at the moment. However, it's a fairly intensive programme and I'm sure I'll be glad of the revision when we get onto the harder stuff.

After class I sauntered off to the beach to do my homework, then went to see The Matrix: Reloaded. I was pleasantly surprised by how much fun it was. Yay! Kicking! P.V.C.! Motorbikes! More kicking! XPLOSHUNS! Hot'n'cold running Hugo Weaving! Endearing attempts at plot-twistyness which wouldn't have surprised a crosseyed two-year-old! Keanu's muscles! And other bits! Which in no way diminished my L.F. crush! Much more kicking! Yayyyy!

The Matrix = kicking movie. Damn, it is such a relief that most people have finally got over all the quasi-Bhuddist mystical crap in the first film and stopped touting it as a radical brainscrunge. Reality might not be real, and could concievably be constructed by a big 'puter? Gosh-a-roonie. Being lied to by our authority figures, you say? Well, I never did. Use your consciousness to affect the world around you? Have a marzipan petit four. Have two. And the spoon thing-- Gordon Bennett. I thought people would never shut up about that bloody spoon! The number of times I heard that stupid phrase trotted out, often by people who were simultaneously demanding that I unquestioningly accept the existance of a whole canteen of monogrammed stainless-steel cutlery, including grapefruit-knife and melon-scoop. No, you jackass, I'm not hidebound by my rigid scientific background, it's just that you're full of horseapples. You're so spiritually bankrupt that you're looking to Hollywood blockbusters for enlightenment. Now shut up and go away-- I'm trying to watch the kicking movie.

Finished the re-write on my latest short story. I have a terrible suspicion it might be utterly lame, but I'm going to punt it out anyway just as soon as I sort out my PayPal ishoos. I may just set up a new account, since the old one hasn't got any money in it and I messed up the credit-card thingy anyway.

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