Saturday, June 28, 2003

Busy, busy, busy.


Lurid's now been back from his travels for a week or so, and since the big 'puter is currently in an advanced state of fuckedness (the back plate is live and the hard-disk is dead) we're reduced to fighting over the laptop. Hence the bloglessness and the lack of Evil on thee mudshow. Sorry, guys; hopefully things will get back to normal soon.

Energy work: plateu-ed. Not a problem, though-- this always happens with any developing skill. Just need to work steadily on and not a) get discouraged or b) start imagining results where no results are.

Novel: bloodybuggeringbastardingnoveldamndamndammitARRRRGGHH.

Sundry other writing: Okayish.

Castillano: Fuego mal, arbol guapo.

Job: May be some reception work at a hostel in town. Or there may not. We shall see.

Went up Montserrat today. Was lazy and took the cable car, rather than walking. My excuse is that I sort of overdid it in the pool* yesterday and my legs were still a bit stiff. Didn't participate in any religious goings-on, but I did queue up for ages to see the Black Virgin. She is a very eerie icon; I felt some kind of energy radiating from her, not inimical or threatening in any way but completely unlike anything I've ever worked with. Didn't pluck up courage to touch her. Maybe next time.

Now I'm back in Bagsnatcher Central with L.A. Not sure what we'll be up to later, but it's certainly lively in Barça today. There are Harley Davidsons everywhere (it's the centenery, y'know), and we passed an embryonic Pride happening on the way here. Might try and hunt down a Goth club, or might just head on home and chill out in the pool** for an hour or so. Life is quite undeservedly gooood.

*The free open-air swimming pool for residents of where I live.
**Nothing to add, really. This footnote exists purely to rub in the whole pool thing.

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