Thursday, June 19, 2003

There are entities beyond our ken and the entities read my blog (coz I'm hard) and putting things into words = magick.

Okay, Powers that Be, angels, aliens, demons, whoever. I've been patient for long enough. Now I'm going to stamp my tiny foot and demand ACTION.

First off, let's ginger this old nag up a bit, eh? Been blah on an epic scale lately. Sick of BLAH. Not asking to leap out of beddy-byes every morning with a song in my heart, just give me a little get up and go. I feel like my pleasure centres have been replaced with bathroom sealant. I crave oomph.

Second off: Less of the no job nonsense. It's just getting silly. Even the thrift store turned me down. Yes, things have got to the point where people don't even want me to work for fucking free. I'm doing my bit, but-- a little mystic help? A little astral nudge in my favour? A shiny cloak of irresistable hire-me glamour? Anything, really. I will be all grateful and a better person and stuff.

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