Thursday, June 05, 2003

In which the diarist rails against the Powers.

Right after I got my Sekhim and Reiki attunements, I noticed an appreciable decrease in my tolerance for such things as alcohol and caffine. (Not that I was ever particularly good at holding my drink, but still...) So I cut down, adjusted, reflected on how it was probably for the best etc. Then came the sugar crashes; no longer could I relive my PMS with a surfeit of fudge. Well, not unless I wanted to spend the rest of the day struggling to keep my eyes open, anyhow.

And now it's not just sugar, but large portions of anything starchy which have this knockout effect. It's okay if I have lots of veggies and fiberous stuff with it, but a few slices of white bread or similar seem to put me out like a light. And I can't offset the effects with a swift jolt of coffee or gallons of cola, because the gnawing pain behind my eyes kicks in a lot faster these days.

I am not impressed. Spirits, angels, higher self, whoever's responsible for this: You spooky perverts have a lot to answer for. First my already laughable drinking legs are swiped from under me, then you force me to ration my espresso, then you fix it so I can't eat obscene quantities of sweeties anymore, and now I can't even fill up on bread when I'm peckish. I feel emasculated! Okay, so I didn't eat that stuff all the time anyway, but at least I knew I had the choice. Cheap lager, junk food, crisps, chocolate-- these things were part of my IDENTITY, dammit! You won't be happy until I'm living on brown rice and beansprouts! I demand to be able to shovel vast amounts of utter trash into my body, as and when I feel the need!

Well, you haven't won yet. I defy you. I'm having this beer. And that processed cheese sarny. And some crisps and a mars bar. You can't stop me, y--



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