Wednesday, April 07, 2004


Went out last night w/Lurid A. Stopped off in Gracia for falafels etc. and then on to a bar. Our intention was to go to the Intercambio they hold there, but by the time we got to the pub everyone had gone. There'd been a crowd of British soccer fans in, apparently, and everyone had been scared off.

I hate the British. Loud, obnoxious, rude, aggressive boozehounds, the lot of them. And we have the nerve to have a go at American tourists! When's the last time you saw an American barfing Special Brew into a wheely-bin at two o'clock on a Sunday lunchtime?

Feeling a little bleak today. The writing was going badly, and then the laptop started playing up so badly that myself and Lurid decided to do a clean install. I wanted Linux, but for some reason the laptop wouldn't boot from the Red Hat CDs so I'm stuck with bloody Windoze 98.

I want a proper operating system! Raggghhh!

And I was in one of those foul moods where every little hitch is a Sign from Above that you are rubbish and should just pack it in. And I'm still writing tosh. And my legs hurt because I strained them defrosting the fridge (don't ask). And there's no mixer left. And... Well, I've run out of stuff to complain about for now.

As a bit of contrast to my whining, I'd like to call your attention to Cancergiggles, which turned up in my comments the other day along with some much-appreciated encouragement. It's a blog about living with cancer, really well-written and genuinely funny.

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