Tuesday, April 27, 2004


I am a huge moron and my brain is a big bowl of pudding. Like strawberry Instant Whip, something pink and wobbly like that.

Was just re-reading a story of mine, and discovered that this scene in it was basically identical to something I read online. I man, Iread the online story about two years or so back, and I've just re-read it recently. Then I read my story just now, and I realised that this scene was basically the same as the one in this online story. It's only a little thing, about two lines long, and it's not word for word or anything but still... AUGGGH. Mortified!

See, I fucking hate plagarists. They get on my tits. Fucking no-imagination-having, selfish, egotistical, Tarantino-invoking wankers who think that reading somethingis the same as writing it... killkillkill. And then I find I'm one of them. One of the pudding-brain leechzombies. Even though it was completely by accident, I'm now a gibbering paranoid wreck in case I've doen the same thing in any of my other pieces. And I can't check, because all my books are in London.

At least it's not a story I've submitted anywhere; no-one but me has even read it. Even so, I want the Earth to open up and swallow me.

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