Thursday, April 01, 2004


Have begun conducting a feasibility study into writing novel-lenth pieces for the online market. Got a couple of promising fantasy outlines worked out already, and I think I could easily stay the course if I decided to sit down and write a novel. Not The Dreaded Novel, of course (I doubt I'll finish that this side of 2012) but something more unassuming, a straightforward sword'n'sworcery bosh.

Could I work on a novel and keep my short fiction output up to a reasonable level (bearing in mind that until I find work, my short fics are my sole source of income)? Yes, I think I could. I've been slowly ramping my output up over the months, and tho' I have dry spots they are of short duration and frequency. If I worked on the novel in the mornings, say, and focused on the short fic in the afternoons and evenings, I could have a first draft done by autumn/winter.

Could I produce a work of acceptable quality? Again, yes, I belive I could. My writing has improved dramatically in the last year, largely because I've had bugger all else to do all day.

So I'm casing the e-book joint: looking to see where they keep the silverware and if key gets left the back door while they're out shopping. What's the market like, who's paying well, etc. I'll bung up some links when I have more info.

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