Sunday, April 25, 2004


Okay, now this is odd.

Since the download which prompted that last entry, I've been visualizing my skull as a jewelled cup full of some viscous golden fluid, like nectar in a flower. During trancework using this visualization, I have percived entities sipping from the cup with long, curled butterfly tongues. They were unaffected by my shield, and I sensed no malignancy from them. "Benign" seems too small a word, as does "indifferent." They seemed vast, containing both creation and destruction as potentials. I get the feeling that they were well pleased with the offering.

The level of fluid in the skull-cup never falls, no matter what. In my trance-state I was surprised; they seemed amused that I would imagine that the level would fall, letting me know that the resource was infinite so long as I continued to offer it to the world. I do not yet know what the fluid represents, exactly.

In myself, I feel good. I had a low-energy thing at the beginning of the week, before I started the visualisations, but now I feel very peppy and invigorated.

That's not the odd part. The odd part is that I'm suddenly being poked to do a youth-spell. I've never had any real desire to do this in the past; whenever I've experienced anxiety about the effect of time on the ol' mortal coil, I've done workings for the acceptance of age. Apart from the occasional glamour to boost my confidence and workings to improve my health, I've never tried very hard to fight time or aging--it always seemed a little shallow to me. But now I find myself being given very clear signals that a youth working is my next step, along with detailed instructions as to how I should go about the working, what items I'll need and what I should do to prepare. There's no sense of pressure, more a sort of "come and play!" vibe.

I'll ask my guides and see what the pre-spell scry says. If it's favourable then I'm gonna go for it.

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