Saturday, April 17, 2004


Spent a sizeable chunk of this afternoon doing a heavy character exercise. I decided to write in the voice of a psychotic male supremacist, just as an excercise, just to see if I could "be" someone with a mindset so far from my own. I started out okay with some routine Sim-ian dissing of 'Feminazis' etc, but then the next thing I knew I'd written 600 words of this pretend psycho guy's manifesto, including paragraphs on the decriminalisation of rape and the re-introduction of Magdelen laundries. At that point I had to stop and go away and be me again. I'll finish it though: it'll do for my Lj.

One day I'm going to get so far into a character I won't come back. Hope it's someone awesome.

Been thinking a lot about something that happened on Thurs. Myself and LA were seeing LA's brother off at the bus station around midnight. About half an hour before his bus was due, we were approached by a sketchy bus station person. At first I thought the guy was begging for change, but it turned out he wanted coffee and didn't know how to work the machine. Not sure if he was illiterate or just had poor eyesight. Lurid helped him get a coffee, then he tried to give it to Lurid, and then he started talking to me in really mumbly Spanish. Only he kept calling me Theresa. I kept telling him my name, and telling him I couldn't understand Spanish very well, but he kept calling me Theresa and going on about other people, people this Theresa person knew. It was so sad, so eerie. In his world, I was Theresa; some freind or a family member playing this cruel mind game where she pretended not to understand him, not even to be Theresa.

We left him there, lost in that other world, alone.

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