Friday, April 09, 2004


Can't find my orchids' name anywhere! I found some in my Spanish flora book that looked a lot like them, but not quite the same ones. I'm well chuffed tho', I love having little projects like this. It's going to be fun Sherlocking around flower sites.

On the writing front, I have little news. Another of my stories got rejected, but I just punted it out again somewhere else. My approach at the moment is to always be looking for the next market I'm going to submit a story to. Send a piece off to zine A, then go and look for zine B, so that when zine A gives you the cold shoulder you just shunt the work off to zine B--and immediately start shopping for zine C. That way I can keep my turn-around as short as possible (and stay positive).

I also had an idea for a killer short today and did quite a bit of work on it. So I'm in a pretty good mood, all in all. (I'd be in an even better mood if a certain pair of disembodied types would fix it for me to actually sell summink. Like, soon, please?)

PS: Ever wanted to install Linux on a dead badger? Here's how! Installing Linux on a Dead Badger: User's Notes

I wish I could write stuff like that.

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