Thursday, August 21, 2003


Oh yeah, I almost forgot about this other thing. Which was remiss of me, because it's one of the coolest bits of news I've had in ages: A couple of guys in Australia are soliciting submissions for their upcoming anthology, the working title of which is Daikaiju! Yes, it's an anthology of stories about GIANT MONSTERS! You know, like King Kong and Godzilla and those guys. Here's what they say:

We're not talking mere dinosaurs or eagle-sized mosquitoes here; these monsters must be unreasonably huge -- larger than the laws of physics can comfortable accommodate.

Nothing in my slush-pile really fits the bill but the deadline's not till November of next year, so I should be able to whip up something tasty. Anyway, the simple fact that there's going to be a book of stories about giant monsters makes me really, really happy.

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