Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Hot enough for ya?

Today I have been mostly wandering aimlessly around Barça. I love wandering aimlessly round Barça, but damn! It's hot. Hot hot hot. Mind you, it's apparently hot back home in London. This is sick and wrong. London should not be hot.

The evil dolls are looking good. I'm making a freind for Beauty Queen: a red devil doll with horns. Next up is a murderous housewife poisoner. Then I thought about paintings-- when I was, like, 15 or so, I used to really like doing these stylized, almost kiddy pictures of mythical creatures (harpies, dragons, stuff like that) in watercolour. Very bright, clear colours, pretty much as they come out of the tube, unmixed: cerulean blue, chrome yellow, madder rose. Fine lines of black Indian ink. I plan to do a few of those, little ones, about the size of bathroom tiles. Spray 'em with acrylic varnish, see if they sell.

This is all very strange. I seem to be going back in time, skillswise. Once I started doing the beadwork all these other abilities, which had been allowed to atrophy because they weren't deemed important, gradually started to creep back. All well and good, all well and good. I'm currently thanking whatever providence it is that watches over the likes of me that I didn't put all my eggs in the electronics basket. You really do need more than one sort of skill these days, or you're screwed. (The next time someone sneers at your "lack of focus", reader dear, just ignore them. Or kill them. Actually, kill them. Slowly. Especially if they use the phrase "Jack of all trades and a master of none", the sure sign of a ridgid-brained git. Have you ever noticed that people who use that particular cliche never have an actual trade? They can't make tables or put in windows or mend boilers, or anything useful. They're always careers advisers or personnel officers: futile and toxic. Really, kill them I'll give you an alibi.)

When not wandering aimlessly around Barça, I've been ensconced in the mercifully air-conditioned bowels of the internet cafe reading eBay tutorials. I reckon I could sell some of my dollies on eBay, and maybe some other stuff too, but I have no idea as to how one goes about it. Looks fairly easy though.

Which brings me to my latest begging letter to the nameless and incomprehensible (and possibly completely nonexistant) entities:

Hello, your spooky intangiblenessess. Guys, I'm going to try really really hard with the art and crafts stuff like I think you (or your bosses, I don't know how this works) want, but you have to help me along a bit, okay? Firstly, help me find an appropriate outlet for my stuff. This could be a craft fair or something, perhaps. The eBay thing might be a good idea, but I'd need a way to take pictures of my dolls and put them online-- preferably fairly cheaply. I'm not saying that you have to give me a free digital camera (it'd be nice, but I'm not that crazy), just point me in the direction of a scanner or something.


P.S.: I'm trying to do the right thing here, but you know I get sullen when you don't throw me a bone once in a while. Remember that time I spent a whole year being a hardcore skeptic? Yeah.

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