Saturday, August 23, 2003

Business as usual.

Went job-hunting again yesterday. No dice. Got kind of fed up, as you do. Met Lurid Archive in town later, and had a chat with him about changing my approach. We went to see Pirates of the Carribean, which put me in a much better temper. It's a really cute little film, lots of over-the-top fighting, great SFX, and Johnny Depp in lots of eyeshadow strolling around, idly stealing most of the scenes. Is is me, or do Dismal films suck less these days?

Anyway, change of approach. This whole pounding the streets looking for want-ads and signing up with temp-agencies plan of attack would have been a surefire winner back home, but here it's just not working. All that happens is that I get utterly cheesed off with everything. The time would be much better spent improving my Spanish and trying to find inroads into other kinds of employment.

I need to network more (yeah, cringe, but needs must ect chiz chiz), and to use my alternative skills. (Which reminds me, I have to get on the phone to someone from the Barcelona healer's network. They emailed me ages ago and I never got back to them.) I also need to find a magick shop-- I need a public tarot deck if I'm going to do readings for money. Don't want to use my own personal deck; I've had it since I was 12 and over the years it's developed a rather quirky personality. Great when reading for myself or for close friends, not so good for strangers. Plus I might end up reading for some skanky-auraed creepazoid and getting all invisible yuck on it. I hate that. You just keep getting the same damn cards time after time, no matter who you read for, until you sort the deck out. Bad enough when it's your public tarot but when it's your own personal deck, it's really very icky.

Or palms. I can do palms. I'm not great at them, but I'm okay.

On the handicraft front: I finally got around to painting the pebble pendants I made. They look well smart, if I so say so myself as shouldn't. I'm going to make a few more today; the epoxy putty should be nice and hard tomorrow morning and I can paint them them. A quick coat of acrylic varnish, et voila.

I also got this excellent dress yesterday. Pink fluffy bridesmade's frock, full-length, with artificial feather trim, just begging for some MC-style vandalism. Not quite sure what I'm going to do to it yet. I've got a few ideas, the most obvious of which involve pearls and safetypins. We shall see...

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