Friday, August 29, 2003

Soapbox splinters in my socks.

Hooboy. Struggling with that ranticle on transhuman stuff. I'm about two-thirds done, but I discovered a collosal flaw in my reasoning. I mean, I know I'm right, but I need to explain how.

Also, the damn thing seems terribly simplistic in places. I come off looking like Ms. State The Goddamned Obvious 2003, but I feel I have to go over this stuff because although things may seem obvious to me, I tend to run across people who aren't aware of them or haven't really thought about them. Which makes me wonder who I'm writing for-- am I perhaps not giving people enough credit? Blargh. Maybe reading some transhuman sites will help get my thoughts in order. I want a few decent links for further reading in any case.

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