Sunday, August 10, 2003

The fine art of mutilation.

Okay. It's Sunday, and as you should all know by now Sunday is stall-in-the-park day. I've been busy over the past week, making kewl things to sell.

I've made a ton of those little daisy rings, because people seemed to like them so much. Need more of the smaller sizes, though. I also finished a few wire trees. They're well smart, if I do say so myself as shouldn't, especially the smaller ones. They looked a bit bare so I started hanging little bead thingys from the ends of the branches, and now they look proper.

I also started making some messed-up zombie-type dolls. I bought four or five of these 60c spoof Barbies, and I've been rearranging their smarmy faces with a Swiss Army knife. Eminently satisfying. My favourite is Miss Psycho Killer Beauty Queen, a pageant runner-up gone bad with bloodstains all down her dress and her rival's arm in her handbag. I'm also making a proper Zombie, but some of her green paint is still sticky so I might have to save her till next week. Going to try for €15 a pop for these babies, because they're a lot of work.

Can't belive I didn't buy the dolly with the suitcase, though. Or the miniature kitchenware. WTF is wrong with me?

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